All Treat Farms joined Skyland USA’s rooflite®

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Green Roof Industry Continues to Grow in Toronto. Skyland USA, LLC expanded the rooflite® Authorized Blender Network to Canada. TORONTO, ONTARIO – February 3rd, 2010 – All Treat Farms Limited of Arthur, Ontario joined Skyland USA’s rooflite® Authorized Blender Network. All Treat, one of Ontario’s leading compost facilities and manufacturer of bag and bulk landscape and horticultural products, is now licensed to manufacture and sell rooflite® certified green roof growth media. Skyland USA is North America’s #1 supplier for vegetated roof growth media and the creators of rooflite®. Outstanding benefits for the environment and for building owners have contributed to steady annual growth of nearly 35% in the green eco-roof market. By joining the rooflite® Authorized Blender Network, All Treat Farms can utilize their natural components to blend new lightweight growing products for the green roof market in Toronto and other Ontario cities. “All of our products are natural and environment friendly” stated Joe DiNorscia, Managing Director of Skyland. “We are looking for partners across the North America who share our philosophy. With All Treat Farms we truly found the premier partner who is uniquely qualified to service the GTA. They are both pioneers and innovators in the Canadian composting industry” In May 2009 Toronto became the first city in North America to adopt a bylaw to require and govern the construction of green roofs on new development. This progressive new law will require a minimum of 20 to 60 percent vegetated roof coverage on all qualifying new development starting in 2010. With minimum construction standards prescribed by the law the choice to offer a standardized, certified, field proven, industry leading product was simple for Andrew Drury, All Treat’s Manager of Compost Sales & Marketing. “The Rooflite product is a natural fit for All Treat Farms. We offer a broad spectrum of products for the home garden enthusiast and the professional landscaper. Now we will have the best green roof growth media products available for roofing contractors as well. It’s a value-added compost product.” All Treat Farms will be the first Authorized rooflite® Blender in Canada. “They utilize an advanced in vessel composting system [Gore®]. This allows for an unparalleled level of precision when faced with the exacting specifications of rooflite® green roof media production and its demanding applications” said Peter Philippi, Skyland’s Director of Research and Development. “All rooflite® products go through extensive independent laboratory testing to ensure they meet our specs and achieve FLL compliance” added Mr. Philippi. “Rooflite® has an amazing track record in the field. We have successful projects growing across North America on almost 2 million square feet of vegetated roofs.” Rooflite® certified green roof media is now available at All Treat Farms in Ontario and in 11 more locations in the United States. To learn more about rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media visit the website. Grow On Us™:

All Treat Farms introduces Lawn Care Products

All Treat Farms Introduces Lawn Care Products with an Added Boost of Organic Matter New Pelletized Compost Products offer the important addition of organic matter to benefit the condition of soil and lawn growth Arthur, Ontario (March 1, 2011) – Three new lawn care products containing premium compost in a pelletized form have been introduced by All Treat Farms for this year’s gardening season. The pelletized format enables ease of application. The product line-up — All Treat Farms Lawn Top Dressing, Lawn Top Dressing with 10-0-6 Fertilizer and Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-7 — offer consumers the benefit of a thick, green lawn while attending to the health and vitality of the soil. “Our new lawn care products have been designed to get to the root of the issue — providing benefits to both the grass as well as the soil in which it grows,” said George White, President, All Treat Farms. “The addition of high quality compost in an easy-to-apply pelletized format offers long-term sustenance for the soil as well as resilience from drought that can impact lawn’s growth and beauty.” Compost’s benefits are well documented. When compost is added to soil, over time, the soil structure and fertility improve. Visually, the lawn will thicken, green up and is able to better withstand periods of drought, insect invasion and neglect. As compost decomposes, it contributes to plant vitality by slowly releasing major nutrients as well as a wide range of micronutrients that are readily available to the plants. With its high organic matter content, compost increases the water-holding ability of the soil so that the lawn does not dry out as quickly as compared to soil with a low organic matter content. All Treat Farms new lawn care products will be available at independent garden centres across Ontario including: TSC Stores, True Value Hardware, FS Stores, Country Depot, Metro Foods and Food Basics. Home Hardware is also offering for sale, under their house brands: Natura® Pelletized Lawn Top Dressing and Home Gardener® Pelletized Lawn Top Dressing with Fertilizer 10-0-6. A private, family owned company, All Treat Farms is one of Ontario’s leading manufacturers of compost which is used in landscape and horticultural products. As a founding member of The Compost Council of Canada, through its research and advocacy support, All Treat Farms has helped support the advancement of composting and compost utilization across Canada. For more information, please visit Contact: Rod Kidnie National Sales Manager 1-800-265-7612
All Treat Farms Limited Exits Bird Feed Industry

Arthur, Ontario All Treat Farms Limited has announced the sale of their wild bird feed business to Armstrong Milling Company Ltd of Hagersville, Ontario. The transaction was finalized on September 28, 2012. The agreement includes the sale of packaging, finished inventory, and registered trademarks associated with the bird feed business. All Treat Farms Limited has been supplying quality wild bird feed products to Canadian retailers for the past 50 plus years. Birding enthusiasts across Canada are familiar with such trade names as “Red Ribbon”, “Birdwatcher’s Blend”, “Bird Treat” and “All Treat” brand wild bird feeds. In addition, All Treat Farms has been packaging other well known private label brands for major Canadian retailers. “I am proud of our accomplishments in the bird feed industry especially the quality and service levels attained. All Treat Farms has grown over the years and our horticultural and organics recycling divisions will become our core focus as we move forward. I wish the team at Armstrong Milling every success and I am confident they will continue to service the Canadian market with quality bird feed products.” said George White, President of All Treat Farms Limited.
A message from the President

With the sale of our birdseed division to Armstrong Milling Company Ltd of Hagersville ON, I would like to personally thank each and every past and present birdseed customer and product vendor partner. The Bird Treat division began in 1960 as my father identified an underserved market that allowed us to keep our seasonal horticultural workers employed throughout winter months. All Treat Farms has grown over the years and our horticultural and organics recycling divisions will become our core focus as we move forward. I wish the team at Armstrong Milling every success and I am confident they will continue to service the Canadian market with quality bird feed products. For further information visit Sincerely, George White President All Treat Farms Limited


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