All Treat Commodities Inc. is a food-grade soybean storage, processing & packaging facility situated north of Highway 401 at Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.  The property was originally utilized as a full-service crop inputs centre prior to First Line Seeds Ltd. purchasing the operation in 1996.  First Line had been processing their food soybean production at regional seed processor/company shareholders since 1985 and decided that they required a dedicated food soybean processing facility.  For this new company venture, First Line created the division and brand name known as NutriLine.  All equipment in the twenty-five year old elevator and storage facility that did not gently handle soybeans would be replaced with equipment that would do a proper job.  In conjunction with this retrofitting, a world class cleaning, sizing, colour-sorting and packaging facility was built.  In 1998, the first crop of soybeans was processed at the facility and shipped to soyfood manufacturers.  Over 95% of the production is exported worldwide to areas that include Japan, Southeast Asia, India, Europe and the Middle-East and the remaining 5% is sold domestically.  Monsanto Canada Inc. then purchased First Line Seeds in August of 2004 and sold the NutriLine plant to the current owner, All Treat Commodities Inc. on September 1, 2005.

 All Treat Commodities Inc. prides itself as being a leader in product quality & development and is known as one of the premium soybean suppliers worldwide.  To ensure this remains the case, we operate under several quality management systems, including  the Canadian Grain Commission’s Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System (CIPRS) and Good Management Practices (GMP) used as a background for HACCP certification.


The HACCP team consists of several individuals who are managers and/or part of the food safety/quality program on a daily basis.



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