Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the compost made from?
The golf compost is derived of select feedstocks and uniquely processed in order to ensure consistency in performance. Highly variable and generic materials such as yard wastes have not been used.


2. What applications can it be used for?
The premium golf compost can be used for divot repair, topdressing, and to replace peat in sand based rootzones.


5. Is there support data or any proven research on this compost?
Of course, All Treat Farms, in cooperation with the University of Guelph, the Guelph Turfgrass Institute and the National Research Council of Canada have invested over &700,000.00 into research and development of this product.


6. What is “AA” grade compost?
Type “AA” compost is characterized by a high organic matter content; its maturity and the non-presence of harmful pathogens, heavy metals and inert contaminants such as plactic. It denotes the best quality compost under existing recommendations. (BNQ, Compost Canada)


7. Is there any storing or shelf life issues I should be aware of?
It is generally recommended that the compost remains covered due to water retention properties and out of direct sunlight. It should be used within 2 months of purchase for maximum benefit.


8. How course or fine is the premium golf compost?
The product is very fine! Screened to a 3mm specification.


9. Ok, I’m sold. How do I buy the compost and what kind of volumes do I need to puchase?
There are several options to purchase the golf compost. Place your order through your sales representative and they will inform you of delivery dates, quantities and prices. You may opt to pick up the material at All Treat Famrs in Arthur, ON, or you may choose delivery of the product. The compost is available in 2 forms, bulk or by the tote. One cubic yard totes are available to pick up or a minimum of 6 totes can be shipped. Buk loads consist of a minimum of 5 y3 for pick up or 15 y3 for delivery.


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