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Home Hardware

HG Prem. Potting Mix 18L #5053-434

Home Gardener® Premium Potting Mix

HG Prem. Seed&Cutting Mix 10L # 5053-309

Home Gardener® Seed & Cutting Mix

HG All Purpose Potting Soil 15L #5053-559

Home Gardener® All Purpose Potting Soil

HG Container Mix 30L #5053-498

Home Gardener® Container Mix


Home Gardener® Seed+Feed+Compost Lawn Top Dressing 3-3-1

Seed+Feed+Compost Display (side)

Home Gardener® Seed + Feed + Compost – 1/4 Pallet Display

Natura Pelletized Lawn Top Dressing 10kg #5053-035

Natura® Pelletized Lawn Top Dressing

HG Topsoil 25L #5053-899

Home Gardener® Top Soil

HG MultiBlend 25L #5053-452

Home Gardener® Multi-Blend Garden Soil

HG Manure-Sheep #5025-750

Home Gardener® Composted Sheep Manure with Compost

HG Manure-Cattle #5025-698

Home Gardener® Composted Cattle Manure with Compost

HG Limestone 20kg #5025-849

Home Gardener® Dolomitic Limestone



Naturals Cow Manure 12.5 kg bag#24007


Naturals™ Composted Cattle Manure with CQA-Certified Compost


Naturals Sheep Manure 12.5kg bag#24008


Naturals™ Composted Sheep Manure with CQA-Certified Compost


 Metro and Food Basics


Selection Black Earth 25L #89930

Selection™ Black Earth

Selection Garden Soil 25L #89931

Selection™ Garden Soil

Selection 3-Way Mix 25L #92429

Selection™ 3-Way Mix

Selection Potting Soil 5L #92430

Selection™ Premium Potting Soil 5L

Selection Potting Soil 10L #92431

Selection™ Premium Potting Soil 10L


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